The Macguffin Report

MGR Quarantine Movies #6 – Cloud Atlas and Tom Hanks movies

May 15, 2020

In California and other states, quarantine conditions may be slowing winding down, but we’ll all have more time to kill yet – thus does The MacGuffin Report bring you episode 6, our last regular show within the mini-series Quarantine Movies featuring rewatchable and bingeable movies.

And what actor has produced more movies ripe for the re-viewing than Tom Hanks? MacGuffin Report co-hosts Os Davis and Raechel Wong deep-dive into three Hanks movies: Cloud Atlas, That Thing You Do, and A League of Their Own. The MacGuffins also go through a run of 32 movies starring Hanks from a 30-year period.

Here’s to hoping you’re staying healthy and enjoying lots of classic movies. MGR will return with one more brief episode to tie up losse ends, though if coronavirus-induced conditions continue, we may return with a second run of Quarantine Movies (but we’re hoping it’s not necessary)…

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