The Macguffin Report

MGR Quarantine Movies #1: Indiana Jones and trilogies

April 22, 2020

After a month of so of self-quarantine binge-watching, even the most receptive viewing is certainly running out of options. MacGuffins assemble!

MacGuffin Report co-hosts Raechel Wong and Os Davis bring you this mini-series full of rewatchable classics and the marathones they may spawn.

For episode #1, Raechel and Os take a deep-dive into Steven Spielberg's franchise-creating, megaclassic action-adventure flick Raiders of the Lost Ark, plus brief looks at Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom and & The Last Crusade. Then the dueling geeks get to work on recommendations with their resepective favorite movie franchises, The Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Tolkienverse and Star Trek.

So stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy some great rewatchable movies with the MacGuffin Report!

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