The Macguffin Report

MGR Quarantine Movies epilogue: Listener comments/questions & trivia

May 19, 2020

The news now tells us that by next week, every U.S. state will have lifted part(s) of their current quarantine conditions; at the MacGuffin Report, we’re betting more will still be social distancing for some time to come yet – so we hope you’ve found our Quarantine Edition shows useful.

This time, an epilogue for co-hosts Raechel Wong and Os Davis to tie up a few loose ends. No movie reviews, but some listener comments/questions on the Indiana Jones movies and bad Bill Murray movies. Plus random trivia about Michael and Buster Keaton, plus why the dashing hero of Casablanca was named Victor Laszlo (or maybe that should be László Viktor).

And finally, are the movies doomed in the post-COVID world…?

Good luck, everyone; stay healthy!

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