The Macguffin Report

s03e02: (Re)watching 1917, Parasite

March 29, 2020

Recorded pre-coronavirus, this episode of The MacGuffin Report is devoted to deep dives into a couple of films from 2019: Oscar nominees for Best Picture, 1917 and Parasite. Quarantine gives you a good excuse to watch (or re-watch) this films again.

MacGuffin Report co-hosts Walter Hong, Raechel Wong and Os Davis have surprisingly varied takes on last’s year top war epic and the Academy Awards’ biggest surprise in a looooooong time.

Among the topics discussed are the problems inherent in billing a film with a single technical trick, the quality of star power, the power of a tight visual vocabulary and just how freakin’ weird Parasite was.

Next time: The quarantine sets in on the MacGuffins…

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